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Pricing & Options

Standard Boat Specifications

Standard Boat Specifications  
SAILSetc   Eyebolts for Shroud, Backstay & 3 x Jib attachments.  
Mast Ram.  
Wire loops for Jib sheet   leads.  
Adjustable   Mainsheet Post.  
Hales Ball Raced Mainsheet pulley and Deck block.  
Rudder push rod & steering arm.  
Silicone Bow Bumper.  
Craig Smith Rudder & Fin with fitted ballast.  
AKA Decals.  

Flat Deck or Skiff style cockpit.

Painted one colour ready to add RC & Rigs $ A 2800.00


Extra for Second colour – Selected Deck & Hull Colour. $ AUD  100.00
Extra for Headsail Swivel – No. 1 Headsail Swivel Tube fitted. $ AUD  100.00
Extra for SAILSetc Foils – SAILSetc 370D Fin & 360D Rudder. $ AUD  125.00
Sailwinch RMG 290EF with 32mm Self-tensioning Drum installed in boat  
Including sheet lines and On/Off Switch. $ AUD  350.00
Rudder Servo- Futaba 3010 ( or equivalent ) fitted and aligned. $ AUD    50.00
RMG Switch STD v2a fitted $ AUD    50.00


In Stock- SAILSetc IOM   fittings as used on AKA, V10
IOM Rig Kits. 11mm High Tensile Mast section finished in Black .
SAILSetc Fins, Rudders and Lead Bulbs.
FUTABA Tx, Receivers, Servos .
Li-po Batteries.
Complete Sailing Package with BG Sails rigged and ready to go. (For new boats only)
Timber Sail Box for all Rigs.
Registration and Measurement.
Prices available on request.