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fp top1Builder of IOM AKA
AKA incorporates the latest developments in IOM design. A slightly narrower hull form forward than the AKZIOM whilst still retaining its superior downwind performance with the wider stern sections.

Rig Kits assembly & Parts
A Ian Vickers recommended rig building for his V10 customers. Last year I built many for the USA, UK and Australian V10’s.

  • SAILSetc IOM Parts.
  • Futaba Radios, Receivers and Servos.
  • Craig Smith Fins & Rudders.
  • Bantock Lead Bulbs.
  • MX High Tensile Aluminum Black Masts.
  • RMG Sailwinches.

AKA Design

AKA Dec 2016 004 800x600

Fin, Mast and Rudder are further aft providing a beautifully balanced hull form with optimum performance in all wind strengths. The standard AKA features a flat aft deck with a single large opening pot giving access to the under deck Winch / Rudder Servo and Boat Battery shelf. The Rudder is housed in a watertight trunking with access aft. The AKA is already turning heads as many top IOM skippers have declared it their “weapon of choice”.