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Radio Race Yachts are now taking orders for the NEW Graham Bantock IOM Design AKA
FRAKTAL Prices for the FRAKTAL will be similar to those of the PIKANTO.
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Current Designs

  • New! AKA incorporates the latest developments in IOM design. A slightly narrower hull form forward than the AKZIOM whilst still retaining its superior downwind performance with the wider stern sections. Fin, Mast and Rudder are further aft providing a beautifully balanced hull form with optimum performance in all wind strengths. The standard AKA features a flat aft deck with a single large opening pot giving access to the under deck Winch / Rudder Servo and Boat Battery shelf. The Rudder is housed in a watertight trunking with access aft. The AKA is already turning heads as many top IOM skippers have declared it their “weapon of choice”. 

  • FRAKTAL 2: Graham Bantock along with Lester Gilbert recently undertook a series of tank tests in the UK . This was between the Fraktal and a range of other designs. Results led to a small change to the bow rocker line and brow. On water testing has given an edge upwind and down when wave conditions are lumpy enough to impede wider boats. There is also an improvement in the Fraktal 2's light air performance.

Hull & Deck Layup


  • Radio Race Yachts PIKANTO features a skiff style cockpit allowing above deck mounting of the RMG Sailwinch, easy access to all control lines, RC and Battery. While the Craig Smith Fin & Rudder are standard, the SAILSetc Fin & Rudder are an available option.


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